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Managing Construction Projects for Over 20 Years

Between the planning, design and construction and the architects, engineers and contractors, there are several parties and phases involved in renovation or new construction building projects. Atlas’s construction management services give residential and commercial development owners an advocate working on their behalf through every stage of the project—from planning and build out to post-construction.

Atlas’s construction management services take a two-fold approach to ensure your project stays on schedule, on budget and meets your ultimate goals. First and foremost, our construction managers focus on you. Only with a clear understanding of your vision, budget and expectations, can we lead the construction project to a successful end. Next, we use over 20 years of hands-on construction experience to help negotiate contracts, perform quality control, facilitate crew schedules, work with designers and architects, handle payments, import products and supplies and more.


Atlas Helps Keep Your Construction Project On Track and On Budget

Atlas’s construction managers are on-site to minimize your risk and protect your investment. We pay close attention to quality, time and budget since those are the areas most of risk of going off track. As your construction manager, we are responsible to you, the client. Our only stake in the project is to ensure all parties involved perform as contracted and keep you advised of progress. This added level of involvement and protection is important whether you are in the Bahamas or elsewhere.

Effective construction management means looking at the project through an engineer’s, a designer’s and a builder’s eyes. These views can be very different. Our construction managers’ rely on their experience and knowledge to make important decisions. Since our construction managers have been in the business for years, Atlas has a reputation for our competency in planning, design, budgeting, construction and post-construction close out.

Flexibility is an important factor in successful construction management. Atlas can tailor our services to meet your needs at any stage of your residential or commercial construction project. Whether our construction managers are brought in way before or way after you break ground, you'll find value and peace of mind in our insight and dedication to getting your project finished on time and on budget.

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